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"The fourth successful edition of the Akkordeon Akut Festival in Halle was rich in noteworthy concerts and events.
The four members of the Polish Gurgul Band followed the leader Mateusz  Gurgul (accordion), whose surname gave the band its name, replica rolex and played low-key, almost orchestral sounding jazz. Apart from the very expressive accordion, the stunning piano performance by Krystian Jaworz also entranced the audience. Performing Spring Time, rolex replica watches A Ballad for my Brother or Wooden People, the musicians presented rhythmic, broadly phrased musical tales with melodic elements that captured the minds of the audience to remain in their memories for long."
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (28.10.2013), Manuela Schreiber (tłum. Justyna Olszańska)


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